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Name Class Rarity Useful? Notes

Howa Type-64 Battle Rifle

Howa Type-64 Battle Rifle
Assault Rifle ★★★★★ Good, if you know how

Aka 64 Shiki if you're a weeb.

She's a bit of a complicated unit in that certain enemy thresholds alter what her skill does, thus making her work better vs bosses (with her colossal 90% FP boost for a few seconds) than for regular encounters. However, the timings are awkwardly short for the big boost, and the 2nd half reduces her firepower a bunch but also buffs the hell out of the stuff in front (which, if it's SR3, means more damage for her.) Note that the skill is less awkward than it seems, as it counts doll groups, rather than individuals, so 5x 5-linked enemies is totally fine, and so on.

Also, like all units with tilescan buffs, you can futz with getting the buff multiple times by having units at the right spots at the right time (though its a little harder to use as it checks 3s into the skill rather than on skill use). This produces a +140% buff that, while hard to use, a creative commander might find some purpose for. YMMV with that.

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Zastava M21

Zastava M21
Assault Rifle ★★★★★ Good

Another grenadier that's not useless. Her grenade fires after just 4 seconds, making it actually matter, and either makes hit enemies take 115% damage for 3 seconds (3 or more hits) or buff her own damage by 60% for 8 seconds.

The self-buff is not too useful, giving her damage output comparable to G41/FNC, but since she hits with a wide blanket, it's fairly likely she will instead trigger the debuff which, while not particularly useful on EN RIGHT NOW (due to weaker enemies), becomes increasingly valuable later on when enemies gain ever more health, and letting your other units deal bonus damage ends up being really useful.

Additionally she shines at corpse dragging, allowing you to corpse drag four units for the cost of supplying one unlinked(!) AR on certain maps. For that alone, you'll want to keep two of them with lvl60 stats, preferably at 1 link.

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Heckler & Koch G11

Heckler & Koch G11
Assault Rifle ★★★★★ Not as recommended as before but still really good during the day

The most German unit in the game, in that she is both exceptionally lazy and surprisingly good at her job whenever she can be bothered. The source of 90% of HK416's misfortune. Zombie movie afficionado, and owns all 26 seasons of The Flying Dead (Im not making this up.) Originally one of the most broken ARs in the game until digimind evolution and team DEFY showed up. First member of Club "MGs who pretend to be ARs." Max out her skill, point and laugh as she destroys everything. Skill has poor uptime which makes her worse than AN94 in 90% of situations (and arguably worse than STAR Mod3), but still pretty good.

Do note that her skill is completely useless against armoured enemies, which will become an issue later, when more and more armoured enemies appear.

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