Glasses optional
Name Class Rarity Useful? Notes

Izhmash SV-98 Mod

Izhmash SV-98 Mod
Rifle ★★★★ Outdated Except for CE Padding

She could have been useful if we got her a lot earlier. Her skill is reliant on her standing still, so if you move her past the first two seconds, her second skill will effectively give the first one a three second cooldown if you manual it, unless it's enough to kill on its own without the buff. Her Mod 3 equip is just a cape with some extra damage on it, but she shouldn't be moving a lot anyway given her skill, so it's worth it if you do choose to mod her for whatever reason.

Also, she is the true cinnamon roll and if you don't mod her Yuzhong will fly in your kitchen and mess up your pots and pans.

Her original version can be found here.


Submachine Gun Special Decent SMG that is also very memeable

The meme potential of a girl with a camera and a smiling face is good enough reason to have her (now that we have multiple secretaries), but she's also not half bad as a combat unit. She gets a shield, and having the shield gives her FP buffs, while losing the shield means she's getting EVA buffs. The uptime is quite good, so she's not a bad side DPS (she has a 69% damage buff at 2 stacks and 119.7% at three stacks) that can sub-in for off-tanking and can even work as a main tank (44% eva at two stacks and 72.8% at 3). The problem is the optimal timing can be a little iffy, but she's alright for AFK fighting since it'll generally be good enough, just not fully optimized. The tradeoff between her and SR-3MP is just uptime vs power.

As expected of the main girl I guess.

Oh, and her tiles are weirdly shaped, but this is not uncommon for off-tank dolls anyway.


Shotgun Special Meme Shotgun Goes Stab

On one hand, she's actually not bad in melee. On the other, she suffers from dumb mechanics (like not being able to switch to melee while reloading, which WOULD HAVE BEEN REALLY NICE). She's not terrible at the role of "melee shotgun" (she's actually quite good at it), but the number of situations where you'd actually want a melee shotgun are quite limited.


Assault Rifle Special Basically AUG but less random

She's basically AUG, but without the random fire mechanic. Which makes sense because she has an AUG. This logic doesn't work for any of the other girls, but shush.

If you'd like an evaluation of AUG to get an idea of how good Angelica is, here's AUG's article.

Type-4 Self-Loading Rifle (4-Shiki)

Type-4 Self-Loading Rifle (4-Shiki)
Rifle ★★★★ Can shoot through enemies so kinda useful

Basically M1 Garand hit by a Japanizing beam courtesy of the IJN (which is why she has a sailor uniform). ...And then it changed her skill to something actually vaguely useful.

Every 3rd shot she fires is a line AoE that doesnt miss, but sadly cant crit. This is actually pretty cool at night vs evasive enemies, like Uhlan formations in a post CT-environment (Uhlan formations start having evade), though actually a bit of a DPS loss on nonevasive enemies.

Not exactly a normal use rifle, but the niche she has comes up fairly often so having 1 on hand is useful.

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