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Assault Rifle ★★★★ Decent Enough. Becomes Handy in the distant future

A doll that was forgotten for so long I couldn't find a cleaned up version of her image outside of moegirl.

Her skill does different things depending on whether its a day or night battle. Crit and Damage during the day, Hit and RoF at night.

She's not actually bad, just that she's not exactly overwhelming good, so she just... kinda exists?

And then Shattered Connexion happened and she was helpful against a certain enemy type, but that's far in the future. For now, eh... raise or don't raise, whatever, you'll be fine either way.

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IMI Galil

IMI Galil
Assault Rifle ★★ Enhancement fodder

Actually has more DPS than G3. Still not great.

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Kel-Tec RFB

Kel-Tec RFB
Assault Rifle ★★★★★ Good

Her skill consists of two parts:

  • Make her use rifle targeting (backline priority): Not all that useful – if the backline really is dangerous, you want it killed now, not after six seconds, and better bring actual rifles or fairies to deal with it.
  • Buff herself: Her stats are good to begin with, and the buff is beefy – this makes her an excellent AR for all purposes.

She's stronger than most 5* ARs (including G41), but doesn't quite make the cut to AUG/AR-15/G11 levels of damage output; at night she's one of the more useful daylight ARs due to her high firepower and accuracy self-buff. (But, again, outclassed by the night royalty.)

Overall solid, but not amazing, with a mostly useless gimmick. Her biggest problem is AR power creep, she'll be outclassed further down the line, which makes her not much of a priority now.

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Orsis T-5000

Orsis T-5000
Rifle ★★★★ Good

Like SVD but with +Acc and lower +RoF. Really wants to be used in the 7 position. You might find a use if you still lack either SVD or WA2000 or if you really hate high EVA targets.

This goes in particular for gundams, who have armour and evasion, at night. Grape or M200 are vastly preferred, but T5000 is much easier to get, so YMMV.

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