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Sei Asagiri

Sei Asagiri
Handgun Special DPS Buffs, Shield Projector, More Useful Later

Everyone's favourite White Knight! (Unless you like Tim better, you weirdo.) Same tiles as Grizzly (literally the same), but with a defensive skill instead of an offensive one. She only shields Shotgun, SMG and HG dolls so it isn't full coverage (unless you're an all HG team anyway), but the ability to shield something like KSG is nice. Her shield actually scales based on how damaged a unit she's shielding is, but the exact formula remains a mystery (less HP = more shield though).

Frankly, this isn't very handy on EN as of yet, but it does have its uses down the line when barrage attacks become more common on enemies (or you just want to shield something like KSG and M590).

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Howa Type-64 Battle Rifle

Howa Type-64 Battle Rifle
Assault Rifle ★★★★★ Good, if you know how

Aka 64 Shiki if you're a weeb.

She's a bit of a complicated unit in that certain enemy thresholds alter what her skill does, thus making her work better vs bosses (with her colossal 90% FP boost for a few seconds) than for regular encounters. However, the timings are awkwardly short for the big boost, and the 2nd half reduces her firepower a bunch but also buffs the hell out of the stuff in front (which, if it's SR3, means more damage for her.) Note that the skill is less awkward than it seems, as it counts doll groups, rather than individuals, so 5x 5-linked enemies is totally fine, and so on.

Also, like all units with tilescan buffs, you can futz with getting the buff multiple times by having units at the right spots at the right time (though its a little harder to use as it checks 3s into the skill rather than on skill use). This produces a +140% buff that, while hard to use, a creative commander might find some purpose for. YMMV with that.

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Shotgun ★★★★★ Recommended

A shotgun so good, that basically almost everyone picked her up when the older servers were given a chance to get any T-doll in the production list for free. For general use, the Shotgun that all other shotguns aspire to be. Good HP, decent armour, and a skill that actually kicks in while the fight is in progress.

That skill happens to be giving your entire front row a 35HP shield, that takes armour into account first. It also has 5/8 uptime. Basically, if your SGs took scratch damage before? They should take literally nil now, unless its a really major fight or you were silly enough to go fight anti-armour enemies.

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