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Slow Shock



Hi. Welcome. It's that time again. The latest in major events. Congrats EN, you've finally caught up to the older servers. This time with only like, a six month lag instead of a full year between original run and EN's. So, what about the event itself? It's a pretty good display of difficulty (aside from the Angie stages, I hate them on UX). Nothing too hard, and honestly, the majority of the event (on normal and EX) don't actually need you to use your own echelons if you can't handle it. Very nice, since I can just write guides assuming you'll do that for the majority of the maps. 

Anyways, we don't have any particularly hard maps or insane new enemies to deal with. At least in the campaign. The new enemies aren't particularly annoying to deal with like when the new Nytos got introduced. So I'll gloss over that. I'm not trying to be lazy. I assure you it's not that. Gimmicks? There's a few here.



First one is these trees. No, they're not actually trees. I don't know what they are. I can't read Korean, okay? Point is, they basically "contaminate" nodes around them to debuff your echelon. If you move through nodes with the purple aura on them, you'll basically get frozen in place after moving a few nodes. This happens regardless of if you're currently on a purple node or not. As long as you've touched one on the turn, this will happen. Only way around it is to use the NPC echelons to give you a little buff that makes you immune to it for the turn. Not terrible, but annoying sometimes on UX.


The second one is BPM or the team comms signal strength. 



This is a constant in this event. Doing things will impact the value. The value corresponds to different effects. I don't actually remember Angie's at all, but it's not super relevant outside of a few instances I note in the text guides. As for the dB, you can manipulate it more and give more relevant buffs.

At 55~80 dB, no effects happen.

85~110 dB, gain 15% acc, eva, crit.

25-50 dB lower stats, and also use more AP to move.

110+ dB, gain stats, but now extra enemies spawn in during fights.

25- dB, don't hit this, you're fucked.

Angie has some similar effects, but...Yeah it doesn't really matter. What effects this? Combat will lower it, using NPC commands can lower/raise it, disabling the trees will raise it by a ton, and having turns pass will change it. Keep this in mind, and be sure to try and stay in the 85~110 dB range. 

That aside, what will you need to clear this new event? I'd say at minimum, two good AR echelons, an RF echelon to pull out when needed, and a few good HOCs. Works pretty well. Lower difficulties need even less. Some maps only requiring dummies. Maybe one AR, one RF would be completely fine.



Chapter 1: Angie maps#




Path in the Forest

Normal UX


Life is a Struggle

Normal UX




Isle of the Dead

Normal UX


Death and Life

Normal UX




Composition VI

Normal UX


Composition B With Red

Normal UX




The Hunters in the Snow

Normal UX


Composition II

Normal UX


Chapter 2: RO Intermission#


L4 Circles in a Circle 

Normal UX


Chapter 3: The Tower#


F3 The Black Square

Normal EX UX


F6 Dull Red

Normal EX UX


F9 The Gun Salute

Normal EX UX


F12 The Archetectonic Angelus of Millet

Normal EX UX


F15 Guernica

Normal EX UX


F18 The Last Judgment

Normal EX UX

Author: Kazuki
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