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Colt Sub-Compact Weapon (SCW)

Colt Sub-Compact Weapon (SCW) – ★★★ Submachine Gun

Trophy Raifu
Tags: Class: Submachine Gun Misc: Jailbait Role: DPS Role: Hybrid Smg Skill: Selfbuff Eva Skill: Selfbuff FP Tile: Buff FP Tile: Buff RoF

The absolute trophy raifu, because getting her is absolute ass, being more annoying than any other chapter exclusive. She is literally the only doll whose farm is so bad I will actually recommend autobattling rather than doing her map over and over. It's THAT bad for what you get and she isn't even worth it except for the 100% completionism.

Her tilebuffs are not great (6% Firepower, 10% RoF directly behind her), and her dodge buff is extremely blah for a 5/8. Her self-damage buff is not the worst while having surprisingly high Firepower for a 3 star SMG, but nowhere near as effective as SR3 or later, similar SMGs. Overall, a trophy raifu that you might be able to press into service if desperate enough, but I really wouldn't count on it.

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