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Beretta Px4 Storm

Beretta Px4 Storm – ★★★★★ Handgun

Ridiculously Strong Buffer
Tags: Class: Handgun Misc: Tile Fuckery Misc: Witchcraft Role: Offensive Buffer Skill: Unique Tile: Buff Acc Tile: Buff FP

A ridiculously overpowered handgun in the right hands. If you know what you're doing, she is absolutely bonkers. Led to a meme on older servers where "the practical number of RF teams you could field was equal to your sets of Px4 and Five-seveN."

Strictly speaking it isn't true, but it gives you an idea of how valued she is. What she does with her active skill (at lvl10) is reduce crit rate by 20%, but increase your crit damage multiplier by 50% for all dolls in her tiles. Considering that crit damage STARTS at 150%, and that its tile based, which means you can engage in tile fuckery (which makes these effects stack MULTIPLICATIVELY), and there you go. For RFs, with a +10 Gold Scope and 5-7, they maintain 100% crit rate through all this. For ARs, you need to worry about the math a bit more, but it is generally an overall increase unless your critscopes suck.

Works with TAC-50, which is part of why she is so hideously overpowered.

Additional Notes

Dusk's Notes#

There are a lot of weird maths possible with Px4. I'm just going to list out some of them. 

Click here for Tac-50 and Px4 crit maths 


For Px4 and Jill with Bleeding Jane. 

Jill with Bleeding Jane increases crit damage based on excess crit rate. If a unit has 400% crit after multiplier, 60% of the excess, which is 60% of 300%, which is 180%, is converted into crit damage (Crit damage * 2.8). (Example is shown below)

With Px4, the 400% crit rate is reduced to 320%, which 60% of that gives you 132%, which is converted into crit damage (Crit damage * 2.32 * 1.5)

While in this case, Px4 seems to improve damage, note that using Px4 means you are losing crit rate of another unit, which reduces the Jill's multiplier by a massive amount. The higher your original crit rate, the more crit damage Jill provides and the more you lose by using Px4 over that crit rate unit. And since each of the crit rate increasing unit (57, PPK and Python, although Python mostly also gives FP) increases crit rate by a large amount, it is hard to exactly quantify whether using Px4 is a gain or a loss. 


Here's how Jill's Bleeding Jane is calculated. 

For all crit rates above 100%, we can derive Jill's crit damage conversion formula as 

[X-100] * 0.6 + 100

A unit with 150 crit rate has 50 excess.

60% of that is converted into crit damage (30)It is added by 100% before multiplying (otherwise it is *0.3 instead of *1.3)


When comparing Px4 with any crit rate increasing unit, we can derive these crit damage formulas. 

Crit damage without Px4 = A * [XY-100] * 0.6 + 100

Crit damage with Px4 = A * [(0.8 * X) - 100] * 0.6 + 100 * 1.5

X represents the base crit rate

Y represents the crit rate difference from not using Px4.

A is any crit damage outside of this formula, and can be assumed to be static.

With these formulas we can calculate when crit damage with Px4 is equal to crit damage without Px4.

Crit damage without Px4 = Crit damage with Px4

(XY-100)*0.6+100 = [(0.8 * X- 100) * 0.6 + 100] * 1.5

(XY-100)*0.6+100= [(0.8X - 100) * 0.6 + 100] * 1.5

0.6XY - 60 + 100 = [(0.48X - 60) + 100] * 1.5

0.6XY - 60 + 100 = (0.48X + 40) * 1.5

0.6XY + 40 = 0.72X + 60

0.6XY = 0.72X + 20

Y = 1.2 + 33.33/X


Just to test this theory.


At X = 200

Y = 1.2 + 33.33/200 = 1.36665

Without Px4: (200*1.36665 - 100) * 0.6 + 100 = 203.998

With Px4: [[0.8 * 200 - 100] * 0.6 + 100] * 1.5 = 204


At X = 400

Y = 1.2 + 33.33/400 = 1.283325

Without Px4: (400*1.283325 - 100) * 0.6 + 100 = 347.998

With Px4: [[0.8 * 200 - 100] * 0.6 + 100] * 1.5 = 348


This formula will apply for all values of X where X is above 125. At any value below 125, Px4 will actually bring the crit rate to below 100%, which means that Jill's buff has zero effect. 


This means that the higher your original crit rate is, the less crit rate you need for your last unit to surpass Px4. If you don't have a crit talent fairy, for example, Px4 has a significantly better chance of doing better than a crit damage unit.

This does not factor in Px4's FP tiles, however, which is a significant factor, but because crit rate tiles from units like PPK and Five seven are additive to any other crit rate tile, as well as Px4's FP tiles being additive to other FP tiles (most notably, Jill's own 40% FP tile), it is significantly harder to calculate. The best you can do is by a case by case basis (where you already have 4 fixed units and you compare the difference between Px4 and another, existing unit). 

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