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Agent Vector

Agent Vector
Submachine Gun Special Must have all her special gear or she's basically useless

She's not the worst tank, but she's expensive to raise, and she needs her ability active to really tank. Unfortunately her base ability is meh, meaning she needs all three of her special gear equipped to be actually any fucking good. With her gear, she's acceptable, with alright uptime, but her barriers are inevitably going to fail and while the evasion boost is nice, the game has other tanks that are just as good. Still, if you must use her for some reason, there are worse tanks... provided you have the gear for her, anyway.

So make sure you have her gear equipped and leveled, or don't even bother.


Submachine Gun ★★★★ Janky and niche

I'm not sure what's more impressive, how fuckin' badly her skill is coded, or how she manages to not wear clothes in any of her outfits despite technically wearing clothes.

So the funny thing is, she doesn't get rid of all debuffs in the traditional sense of purging all debuffs. Instead, there is a list of skill effects the game considers debuffs and she removes THOSE. So, if the debuff isn't on her list? Sucks. Also, if a skill causes multiple debuffs but some aren't on the list, she won't remove the ones not on the list. So, she actually removes MOST of the Parachute Fairy debuffs but not the critical rate debuff because that isn't on the list, lmao. The only good news is as an SMG, her critical rate is shit anyway, so you shouldn't care. She also doesn't stop some boss debuffs, though at the moment the only one I recall off-hand she doesn't is Fail's. Yeah, she's janky. Hope MICA updates her as bosses get more debuff attacks.

Besides that, the one-second shield can be handy for, say, stopping an unavoidable attack under manual control or for tanking enemies under Parachute Fairy debuffs.

Dorothy Haze

Dorothy Haze
Submachine Gun Special Versatile, especially in bed

Yes I know that's not really her name. And yes, you'd think the unit whose hands are actual guns would be a handgun, but nope, she's an SMG. MICAAAAAAAA. Anyway out of everyone, probably the most immediately useful on EN because of what EN faces.

She has a pretty interesting skill that reminds some of C-MS. What it is is mildly more complicated, because it comes with good AND bad sides, and allows her to be both a main tank and an off tank. As an off tank, she provides decent firepower with 100% uptime, a debuff no one cares about (-acc) and a really nice buff (constant eva up!) for the main tank, while as a main tank she has permanent Eva up, buffs acc of the same column ("vertical row") but actually makes the off tanks (or just people in the same column) a little less survivable. Skill discussed in more detail in her entry, but its fun stuff.

A problem she has though is the shape of the tiles. That lacking middle row really gets in the way, but she has enough other uses that this isn't too awful if you know what you're doing (For example, you want to buff the everloving bajeezus out of your main tank's dodge instead).

Also she buffs Rifles with her tiles too too, but this doesn't seem to come up all that much.

Deutsche Waffen- und Munitionsfabriken AG Parabellumpistole 08

Deutsche Waffen- und Munitionsfabriken AG Parabellumpistole 08
Handgun ★★★ Core fodder

Aka P08, the Luger, the... it has a lot of names. Also 1 of the world's most collectible pistols. One of the earliest automatic pistols ever adopted by anyone, and a whole bunch of other honours.

It was however, not exactly a great battlefield weapon (in fairness, pistols in general were not), and the doll is... mostly that. Has FP and Acc tiles. Not as good as the Chinese Mak Clone or SPP1 for those. Unlike those, has a +eva skill instead of a +fp/acc/somethingoffensive skill.

Unfortunately this makes her less consistent than defensive pistols like Nagant, but it has the odd meme use. It is definitely not a practical standard use gun though, and more something you pull out because you for some reason need its weird mix of features (not likely, but it might happen) or are somehow very desperate (much more likely). If you need a night pistol on the cheap though, you're probably better off with... Nagant, Bren Ten, or 1911.


Handgun ★★★ Trophy Raifu

....She has tank stats on a handgun with buff tiles that want her in the back. I'm not entirely sure why anyone thought this was a good idea.

Tula Tokarev TT-30

Tula Tokarev TT-30
Handgun ★★★ Core fodder

Has a kind of an unfocused buffs that... kinda sorta benefit things? She doesn't greatly benefit any lineups, really, and you can get more usable 2 star handguns honestly. Can maybe replace the cat nun in the meme Welrod/Makarov/P7 lineup, but people don't actually use that formation seriously for the most part. Really better off as cores.

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