Glasses optional
Name Class Rarity Useful? Notes

FN Herstal Five-seveN

FN Herstal Five-seveN
Handgun ★★★★★ Recommended

Decent Aura shape with very good benefits. 30% RoF/20% Crit is nothing to sneeze at, and even more from her skill. Used heavily in teams that benefit from RoF/Crit boosts (mostly general use Rifles). Be thankful EN got her with little effort. Also has a 97 dodge, if you need something to temporarily take the front. Also, the source of a lot of Korean memes because she was a total pain to get. Also wears a ferret costume sometimes.

Avtomaticheskiy Pistolet Stechkina

Avtomaticheskiy Pistolet Stechkina
Handgun ★★★★ Good

Or Stechkin for short. Good RoF buff. Actually combos nicely with other RoF buffs if you need more since her aura shape isn't as weird as Calico's. Works EXTREMELY well with IWS. Try to grab her unique equip, it helps.

Has a mod that makes her slightly better.

Heckler & Koch YEET KANONE 45

Heckler & Koch  YEET KANONE 45
Handgun ★★★★ Recommended

Formerly known as Mk23 SOCOM

Highest damage buff among 4* handguns for awhile. Very good for Bamboo Spears too. KR calls her Champy because of weird meme reasons involving weird manhwa.

Colt Single Action Army

Colt Single Action Army
Handgun ★★★★ Good

AKA SAA - THIS IS THE BEST GUN EV-cough Actually has very nice buffs and a decent skill. Not bad at all in night battles either with the acc up if you have crappy PEQs.

Her mod makes her a stronger pick, and more info can be found on her mod article.

Astra Model 357

Astra Model 357
Handgun ★★★ Usable

Good early for when you're lacking good HGs. Fodder later.

Also literally retarded.

Norinco QSZ-92

Norinco QSZ-92
Handgun ★★★ Niche uses

AKA Type-92.

Good buff coverage area. There are currently only 2 in the game that give that coverage - Type 92 and Contender. Also has the HIGHEST evade buff that can be received. Used for specific stuff, like pairing with SR-3MP.

Walther PPK

Walther PPK
Handgun ★★ Good

Generally decent buffs esp. at night, and she can be an evasion glass tank (100 evade!) in a pinch. Not bad if you actually kite your pistols but be wary of her limited HP. Honestly, you want a real tank in front still. Regardless, her buffs will see use even late game, for example support M4A1 MOD3.

Her unique expedition equip is decent (even more evasion), but not strictly necessary, she's already good enough without it.

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