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T65 Assault Rifle

T65 Assault Rifle – ★★★ Assault Rifle

Budget Option
Tags: Class: Assault Rifle Role: DPS Role: Night DPS Skill: Selfbuff Crit% Skill: Selfbuff FP Tile: Buff Acc Tile: Buff FP

Okay so maybe China doesn't ABSOLUTELY hate Taiwan? Or else this gun wouldn't have stats literally on par with (or in many cases better than) actual 5 star ARs. She actually outdamages T91 during the day flat out. At night she's a super budget option that won't match 9A91 or any of the better ones, but at least she's cheap. She does however suffer from being a login doll, but she becomes permanently farmable later. Tile buffs are surprisingly alright for a free login doll.

Really a budget option, but at least one that isn't awful.


Additional Notes#

Xecty Note!#

Like T91, her skill suffers from having +Crit at night, which is where most commanders dont even HAVE crit on their ARs anyway. During the day though, lol she surprisingly beats her 5 star relative due to sheer stupidly high stat scaling. I'm legit surprised she isn't the most awful thing ever given she was made literally to resist China. Also I guess her damaged art is surprisingly lewd.


Dusk's Notes#

Read T91's notes, but she's a 21 core unit instead of a 105 core unit because despite being a 3*, she has similar stats her 5* counterpart. 

Note that, compared to T91, her tiles are even harder to use (useless for MT SMGs and mediocre for direct fire SMGs. You can choose to use her at position 4 if you are stupid and want to maximize your OT SMG regardless of what people say (because position 4 is the best HG position for most night AR lineups, unless if it is day, which then it is the best buffer AR position for buffer ARs, and still a good HG position). Alternatively, play the [b] formation so that she is easier to use. 

With a Crit Fairy with maxed skill and Crit 2 talent and UMP45 + Five-Seven, you can get 94% crit rate. Just in case you want to live out that fantasy.

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