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Steyr AUG

Steyr AUG – ★★★★★ Assault Rifle

Tags: Class: Assault Rifle Misc: Witchcraft Role: AR Buffer Role: DPS Skill: Unique Team: Iws 2000 Tile: Buff Acc Tile: Buff FP


…another testament to Austrians being fucking crazy:

  • Her tiles give slightly weaker buffs than Ribey's or M4A1's, but since she buffs all types, she'll also boost your SMGs, helping both Shrimp and molotovs.
  • Her stats are excellent, and she's a damage dealer very close to G11's level.
  • Her skill sets her RoF to 150 and basically turns her into an MG (sounds included. Yes, it changes her firing sound to match an MG.), with goofy targeting that you CANNOT CONTROL BY ANY MEANS (Including Contender). At level 10, it will have no accuracy penalty either!

10/10, would suffer awful trigger pull again

Additional Notes#

Dusk's Note#

In theory, she's a very good unit. In practice she is very unpredictable.

In an AR Echelon, every shot she takes at any unit that is not the frontline delays your ARs from clearing the frontline by a one, or half a hit, but also reduces the backline damage output when they attacks. In theory, if you have too many shots at the backline without killing off the entire backline, your other ARs won't clear the frontline fast enough, and you are forced to take damage. This outcome is worse than your AR just bursting down the frontline. Sometimes, she will also hit the backline jaegers and decimate them before they even shoot you, leaving just the guards, which is significantly better than not using her. 

In practice, this is hard to predict, and she does to quite a lot of damage. Her skill is effectively a 100% ROF boost, which is quite a lot, and it does last for a decent 7 seconds. Just be aware of her unpredictability, and understand how it could affect you in practice. 

Creshal's Note#

Like G11, and most other RoF-selfbuffing ARs, she'll fall off long term due to her not being able to handle the increasing amount of armoured enemies thrown at you. There's still going to be lightly or unarmoured trash she can take care of (in some cases, like during SX, enough that you can consider duping her), but it won't be your main focus any more.

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