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Poincare Recurrence



Hey. It's been awhile. But here we are, back at it with actual guides for events. This time we have probably the second hardest event in the game. I'd say chapter five of this event is pushing the difficulty to about the same as the UX levels of later events. But it tops out at chapter five and gets easier later. You definitely want to be rocking the best you can get, and this time we have actual uses for MG echelons. SLAP rounds are particularly good due to Metalmaxes, an enemy introduced in this event, having a TON of armor. Like, they sit at over 400 armor, so it's a struggle to fight them without SLAP rounds. So, we want the usual echelon fare of a few AR/SMG echelons, an RF/HG echelon or two, and definitely an MG/SG echelon.

Oh yeah, there's some missing information like missing some objective parts and failure conditions. I uh...didn't write those down. I kinda just wrote the guides based off of the videos I made. But I'm sure it'll be perfectly fine and nothing bad could happen. 

So, with that, good luck. 

Chapter 1#

3 Normal EX

6 Normal EX

9 Normal EX

13 Normal EX

Chapter 2#

III Normal EX

VII Normal EX

X Normal EX

XIII Normal EX

Chapter 3#

IIIB Normal EX

VIIB Normal EX

IVA Normal EX

VIA Normal EX

Chapter 4#

Delta Normal EX

Zeta Normal EX

Theta Normal EX

Kappa Normal EX

Chapter 5#

10 Normal EX

100 Normal EX

111 Normal EX

1001 Normal EX

Chapter 6#

Micro Normal EX

Hecta Normal EX

Mega Normal EX

Author: Kazuki
Tags: Poincare Recurrence
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