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Fixed Point



Hey. Welcome back to another GFL event. This time we have probably the hardest event currently, Fixed Point.



Yeah, I mean that even with LS being the latest event in KR/CN/TW. This is where UX difficulty was introduced and it also introduces some pretty brutal enemies toward the end of the event. These two factors put together make it, in my opinion, a harder event than LS. So, good luck if you're intending to clear this on UX. The rewards are VERY good if you do, though. They give you a currency called Corrupted Heart Mask to buy drop T-Dolls after you've cleared the event on UX. This means you'll be freed from having to farm drop T-Dolls unless you want dupes. Very nice.

Anyway, what do I think is a good spot to be in to clear this event echelon-wise? I'm not going to talk much about SF echelons, since I try to avoid using them if I can. I will just say you'd probably want to use at least one. But Griffin-wise, I think you'd do very well to have at least 2 AR echelons that are strong. You also want at least one MG echelon since 400+ armor enemies make an appearance here still. You also want an RF echelon, but this one isn't quite as needed. A lot of enemies will just roll most RF echelons, so they feel less useful. 

If you can, I'd highly recommend modding AK-15, she's insanely strong and will help you rip and tear through the event. The other doll I'd highly recommend you get actually comes from this event. QBZ-191 is absolutely key for dealing some of the later enemies in the event; the only downside is that she comes from the second to last map in the event. Not exactly super helpful when you're almost done with the event, but if you're struggling with UX, you can lower the difficulty and grab her from completing Normal or something. Just an idea.

With that said, here are the guides.


As a preface, the EX and UX maps for this event are extremely similar. Thus, most of them will be combined together. I'm going to assume past me did the same thing as slightly-later-in-the-future past me and tested each EX map with the exact same movements as I did on UX. If it didn't line up, then I'd write up another guide specifically for EX. If there are issues, well, I can't really fix that now, 10 months in the future. I do apologize for that. I'll see if I can, but no promises.


Chapter 1 "Singularity"#

Pursuit II Normal/EX/UX

Nike II Normal/EX/UX


Chapter 2 "Reflective Surface" #

Cangue Breaking Normal/EX/UX

Lurking I Normal/EX/UX

Lurking III Normal EX UX


Chapter 3 "Riemann Surface" #

Transverse Sectioning Normal EX/UX

Against the Light II Normal EX/UX

Intersection Point II Normal EX/UX

Blood Moon I Normal EX/UX

Eclipse View Normal EX/UX


Chapter 4 "Teichmuller Space"#

Trample Normal EX UX

Old Rain I Normal EX UX

Lonely Island I Normal EX/UX

Traitor I Normal/EX/UX

Rebirth I Normal EX/UX


New enemies#


Nyto Patroller

These guys are possibly the most annoying tanks in existence. You know how your T-Dolls have link protection and critical damage production? Yeah. These guys have that too. Except their critical damage protection applies every single time they lose a link. This makes them insanely good tanks while also doing pretty solid damage.

You can either try and burst them down with a grenade or something, or just take the slow route of slowly killing them.

Nyto Hammerer

The armor tanks in the Nyto series. While not as nearly annoying as Patrollers, they still are dangerous. They have two skills available to them.

First, they'll occasionally stun your units when they attack. Annoying, but whatever.

Second, they take decreasing amounts of damage as their HP goes down. In other words, they have damage reduction when their HP gets lower. Not the worst. 

Nyto Hawkeye

These guys. These fucking guys. They are THE difficulty of the end maps of FP. So imagine this: you have a swap Jaeger, right? It charges up a bamboo shot and hits your frontline. Big damage, but it's only frontline damage. These guys will do that but then ALSO pierce through the frontline and hit your backline. Absolutely deadly.

Not only that, but they also will jump backwards, out of your range, if they take enough damage. Your best option vs. these guys is QBZ-191, since she can silence them so they can't jump, and they will get targeted by her. RFB and HOC fire is your second best option, but it's not nearly as good.

Nyto Supporter

You know the Commander enemies you've fought in PR? This is very similar. They don't attack and just buff the enemies and debuff you. 

To be exact, they drop your rate of fire and firepower while increasing the firepower and accuracy of friendly Nyto units.

In addition, they also buff the evasion and shielding of enemy units depending on number of units on your side of the field. This includes dummy links. Yes, that means Manticores are good against them.


These guys are mostly just around to make murdering very difficult.

Their main thing is that they give a ton of DR to enemies behind them. This makes rifles a lot less effective when they're on the field.

Their other skill is that they drop the firepower for any T-Dolls within two units of them. 


I'd suggest not reading any further than this if you don't want story spoilers, since this section is for the bosses.

Bosses (Spoilers)#











Morridow but extra spider

So, in this iteration of Morridow she comes with some extra tricks. The main one is simply summoning a ton of Nyto enemies. These spawn according to what units you have in your echelon. I'm not entirely sure what spawns what, but if I had to guess it's something like:

SMG=Nyto Patroller
HG=Nyto Supporter
AR=Nyto Hawkeye



Yeah, good luck with that. I wouldn't take RFs/SGs/MGs against her, that's for sure. 

Her main form of attacking is just paralyzing a unit, then attacking it. But she also has a more dangerous ability to deal 9999 damage x5 to a unit. The way to counter that is to have units in nearby tiles to lower the amount of instances of damage it does. 

I will say that there is a strategy to blast her with a 5 HG echelon since it'll only spawn Nyto Supporter and that means you'll only have Morridow as a threat. I haven't tried it myself, but I've heard it's quite effective.


Orbs of light are pain. She'll start off summoning a bunch of them, which act as meat shields for her. Once there's a decent number on the field, she'll yeet them at you. This silences the target so they can't use their skills. 

During this, she'll also make one of the columns electrified so you can't use that column of T-Dolls. It'll deal pulse damage on anything in it as well as silencing the unit in it. It also decreases accuracy, but that part is whatever.

Once she teleports away, she'll likely use her active skill. This yeets a bunch of orbs targeting one unit that you'll have to micro to dodge. 

It's kind of a micro-intensive fight, but not too bad.


Author: Kazuki
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