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Name Class Rarity Useful? Notes

Remington M870

Remington M870
Shotgun ★★★★★ Niche Skill but has 5 star SG stats

Basically every weird Hell's Angels meme in 1 go, and also probably a little crazy. Sometimes called Super Longty.

Her skill is pretty much a Force Shield that works similarly to the Paradeus ones, except instead of an HOC depleting it, it slowly weakens on its own. Pretty much works the same way where at max level, you have a 1000 strength barrier that blocks out everything for a second, then it goes down by 100 every second, weakening the shield (so after 1s, it's 90% DR, after 2s it's 80%, and so on) until the shield shuts down at the 6s mark.

This is actually not bad DR at all and with timing, CAN be used to tank Golyats.

Except it has a 10s initial cooldown so AGGHHHHHHH.

It does have it's uses sometimes, but it's not your first pick because of that usually.

She does however, have typical good 5 star shotgun stats so if for some reason you lack shotguns, you can just bring her along and she wont really be bad at that.

Barrett M82A1

Barrett M82A1
Rifle ★★★★★ Has some niche potential but not necessary

Yes, a gun people have wanted forever. The Light Fifty. Also known to some as Inorigun for the obvious reasons. (If it isnt, then the joke wouldnt be funny to you anyway)

A really weird... not-quite-a-bamboo who gets stronger the more battles the echelon has been in. Has 3 shots per battle, and the final shot is pretty strong, but it's VERY awkward to use. Can be used to kill stuff early (she was actually better at it than Kar98 then) such as say, Gundam removal, but these days with the existence of early charge bamboo rifles + M200, she isn't quite as top notch at it as she once was. She still works though.

Potentially better for nodupers than people who spam the superpopular rifles.


Assault Rifle ★★★★★ Pretty much the best straight Grenadier

If you're looking for an 8s Grenadier, well, she was always a very strong choice, and now she's pretty much almost the default one for most circumstances by sheer stats and having the 2 accessory slots. Improved Grenade performance (not that most enemies will notice) and bonus MIRVs on top of that. She does get bonuses with M4, but due to the fact M4's marks affect her targeting (and potentially are buggy with her MIRVs), using her with M4 is not always ideal.

Aside from that, it's the same old SOP, but with a unique equipment (thats pretty much just an improved Eotech) and bigger numbers.

Colt Python

Colt Python
Handgun ★★★★★ Ridiculous Force Multiplication Potential

Forget what Clint Eastwood said, THIS is the most powerful handgun in the world. Somehow packing a .357 Magnum cartridge that deals more damage than .50BMG or whatever the hell Contender is in. Python is a ridiculous handgun that with the right formations, does absolutely disgusting things to the game. She needs her skill at lvl10 to be reliable, but oh boy when it does.

Besides being a handgun with actual DPS (that can get really high), she also acts a buff booster, applying stacking buffs of her own whenever she receives a buff from almost any source, giving them to herself and anyone in her buff tiles. When she gets a RoF buff, she gives a RoF buff. When she gets an Acc buff, she gives an Acc buff. When she gives an FP buff, she too gives FP buffs. And that's just the passive. Her active gives her a stacking self FP buff and counts among "almost any other source", so yeah, triggering it ALSO gives FP buffs to everyone else.

This, on top of amazing buff tiles basically gives her ridiculous performance for a handgun. Just don't think she's some allmighty goddess of doom that wins on her own. What she is is an insane force multiplier when used right, and you need some force to multiply to begin with. Used wisely though, easily 1 of the best HGs in the game.

UMP45 Mod

UMP45 Mod
Submachine Gun ★★★★★ Mod1 is an insane bang for your buck The others YMMV.

So if it hasn't been said enough, absolutely get the Mod1 the very second you can. It's 200 fragments and some cores for a fair boost in performance. Extra stats, a bit more FP buff on her tiles, a little extra HP, and an improvement to the slowdown effect on the smoke.

The real problem is her 2nd skill is janky and not extremely practical. It's a little bit of a bonus, but not likely to make or break a fight. So yeah, the Mod2 isn't great. The mod 3 however, gives her a unique equipment that goes in the suppressor slot and is basically a suppressor with better stats (+5 EVA over normal) which helps her tanking ability somewhat. Whether this is worth it up to you, but definitely get the Mod1 at least.

The rest of this is basically the same song and dance where she has top class offensive buffs that continue to remain unmatched among SMGs, so you WILL likely continue to use her.


Assault Rifle ★★★★ Interesting, but not very likely to be used

The best dorm doll with how fucking out of it she is, and with some absolutely amazing dialogue both as general lines and in her appearance in the CT story, and a great design. Her damaged art being fuckin' bonkers is great.

And that's where most of the praise is going because her performance is... well it's not dismal, but it suffers from the same 8-second ICD issue grenadiers have in general. Should that not be an issue though, her self buffs at night are actually alright, since it gives her more mileage than other grenadiers. You aren't very likely to use her though, simply because things like SOP still exist and will likely have better performance.

Mk12 Special Purpose Rifle

Mk12 Special Purpose Rifle
Rifle ★★★★ Middle of the Pack. Nothing special.

An RF that was originally slated to be so good that they nerfed her before her release. Unfortunately this current incarnation is nothing special. +30% each to Crit Damage and RoF is a ballpark 65% DPS increase, +/- a bit due to RoF depending on the level yours is, assuming 100% crit rate. This is... not inspiring compared to what some other rifles you already have might put out. You can fit her on whichever style RF team if you want to use her. If you want a top end version of this, use R93, who has a better version of the gimmick.

Beretta Cx4 Storm

Beretta Cx4 Storm
Submachine Gun ★★★★ Not to be confused with her actually useful relative

She seems to have forgotten her skirt or pants, and has a very interesting discussion with SOPMOD about the nature of dolls. She also likes collecting cigarette packs.

There is a reason I'd rather be talking about her setting details than her performance. In the story, she mentions she's actually part of a logistics unit instead of a combat unit, and you can see why.

Her stats are middle of the road, and the skill is actually fairly unremarkable. Uptime is worse than than Suomi or MP7, while also giving worse final numbers. Combine with not impressive HP, middling tiles and the fairly easy availability of better SMGs, and you can see why keeping her in your own logi teams is probably doing her a favour.

AK-74U (AKS-74U)

AK-74U (AKS-74U)
Submachine Gun ★★★★★ Niche Uses (Kinda good with AK-74M)

It's actually an AKS-74U, but the game calls her AK-74U. I know, I know. Yet another AR the game calls a subgun because...shut up.

Actually had dummy data in the client waaay before her actual release in CT, so she actually got released with a voice even on older servers. ...And that's probably the most positive thing I can say. Her tiles are OK, her skill is weird (she debuffs enemies she's attacking instead of just all of them) and while the effects are alright, the uptime is pretty awful for tanking.

Potentially useful for some bosses with manual skill use to handle certain burst windows, but the cooldown after the initial skill use is loooong so it's not exactly the best choice for long term tanking.

You may have a use for her if you're creative with it, but it's not something to just tell people to prioritize raising. As a result, her primary use is telling you wind speed and direction, unless you have AK-74M and want an AK echelon, in which case she'll be one of your SMG tanks and is actually pretty decent since AK-74M makes her skill into a passive.

QBZ Type-03

QBZ Type-03
Assault Rifle ★★★ Trophy Raifu

Another 90 gems entry. Her most notable trait is "looks kinda like Python in a Qi Pao."

She's not completely awful, but her performance isn't amazing enough to really recommend raising her compared to the glut of other ARs we already have, and that's a really competitive market. She's also harder to get than FNC.

LaRue Tactical OBR (Official Boob Rifle)

LaRue Tactical OBR (Official Boob Rifle)
Rifle ★★★ Meh

Notable mostly for confusing me on which was her damaged art and which was her normal art when I first saw the previews, she was introduced at a dark time for new RFs.

Basically a 3* T-5000. The problem is of course that 3 star versions of 4 star guns rarely work well and while T-5000 sees some use dealing with armored dodgers at night, this thing doesn't have nearly enough stats to make it work. If the target isn't dodging, she does about as well as G43. Except G43 is basically free because she's a 2 star and is more likely to end up with a mod down the line than this thing.

Heckler & Koch HK23

Heckler & Koch HK23
Machine Gun ★★★ She shares a skill with MG4, what do you think?

Yet another poor doll whose only notable trait is "lewd art." So forgotten that the most common reason she comes up is "mistaken for HK21."

Pretty much useless aside from her tilebuff, except even that is questionable since other MGs can fill that role. There's simply not much to say about her besides that not even most HK fanboys care about her very much.


Handgun ★★★ Budget FP buff if you ran out somehow

Not much to say. If you somehow dont have enough FP buffing handguns (unlikely unless you're noduping handguns and deploying lots of units in ranking) then she's a budget pick. Not bad for a 3 star HG but she won't see use very often simply because you're likely to have better ones lying around.


Submachine Gun ★★★ Most notable trait is weird art stuff

A doll most famous for "we forgot to actually add an animation on her chibi for throwing her flashbang." The damage buff is surprisingly high for a free 3 star doll, but really using her means you're probably scraping the bottom of the barrel. She had some use in the early days when there was a severe lack of SMGs, but she was released on EN into an age where units like C-MS, P90, etc. exist, and in the middle of an event where C-MS was basically given for free.

Oh and I guess her damaged art is pretty lewd if you're into that.

Winchester M1897 Trench Model

Winchester M1897 Trench Model
Shotgun ★★★ Serviceable, but nowhere as good as her Rep says she is

I want to say good things about this doll. I really do. It's an iconic shotgun with a hella rep and even got accused of being a warcrime. The rep is exaggerated, but not entirely undeserved.

Her design is... blah. Trench Broom apparently = shitty maid.

But are her stats ok? ...Eh, they're alright. Like the real thing they're serviceable. The tiles are passable (not great, but its 50% acc on a shotgun which helps some MGs) and she has passable HP. Her armour is a little low due to her 3 star nature, at 21.

Not the worst thing ever, but far far from your first choice. Mae would probably not take her into battle.

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