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Name Class Rarity Useful? Notes

Mk12 Special Purpose Rifle

Mk12 Special Purpose Rifle
Rifle ★★★★ Middle of the Pack. Nothing special.

An RF that was originally slated to be so good that they nerfed her before her release. Unfortunately this current incarnation is nothing special. +30% each to Crit Damage and RoF is a ballpark 65% DPS increase, +/- a bit due to RoF depending on the level yours is, assuming 100% crit rate. This is... not inspiring compared to what some other rifles you already have might put out. You can fit her on whichever style RF team if you want to use her. If you want a top end version of this, use R93, who has a better version of the gimmick.

Beretta Cx4 Storm

Beretta Cx4 Storm
Submachine Gun ★★★★ Not to be confused with her actually useful relative

She seems to have forgotten her skirt or pants, and has a very interesting discussion with SOPMOD about the nature of dolls. She also likes collecting cigarette packs.

There is a reason I'd rather be talking about her setting details than her performance. In the story, she mentions she's actually part of a logistics unit instead of a combat unit, and you can see why.

Her stats are middle of the road, and the skill is actually fairly unremarkable. Uptime is worse than than Suomi or MP7, while also giving worse final numbers. Combine with not impressive HP, middling tiles and the fairly easy availability of better SMGs, and you can see why keeping her in your own logi teams is probably doing her a favour.

AK-74U (AKS-74U)

AK-74U (AKS-74U)
Submachine Gun ★★★★★ Niche Uses (Kinda good with AK-74M)

It's actually an AKS-74U, but the game calls her AK-74U. I know, I know. Yet another AR the game calls a subgun because...shut up.

Actually had dummy data in the client waaay before her actual release in CT, so she actually got released with a voice even on older servers. ...And that's probably the most positive thing I can say. Her tiles are OK, her skill is weird (she debuffs enemies she's attacking instead of just all of them) and while the effects are alright, the uptime is pretty awful for tanking.

Potentially useful for some bosses with manual skill use to handle certain burst windows, but the cooldown after the initial skill use is loooong so it's not exactly the best choice for long term tanking.

You may have a use for her if you're creative with it, but it's not something to just tell people to prioritize raising. As a result, her primary use is telling you wind speed and direction, unless you have AK-74M and want an AK echelon, in which case she'll be one of your SMG tanks and is actually pretty decent since AK-74M makes her skill into a passive.

QBZ Type-03

QBZ Type-03
Assault Rifle ★★★ Trophy Raifu

Another 90 gems entry. Her most notable trait is "looks kinda like Python in a Qi Pao."

She's not completely awful, but her performance isn't amazing enough to really recommend raising her compared to the glut of other ARs we already have, and that's a really competitive market. She's also harder to get than FNC.

LaRue Tactical OBR (Official Boob Rifle)

LaRue Tactical OBR (Official Boob Rifle)
Rifle ★★★ Meh

Notable mostly for confusing me on which was her damaged art and which was her normal art when I first saw the previews, she was introduced at a dark time for new RFs.

Basically a 3* T-5000. The problem is of course that 3 star versions of 4 star guns rarely work well and while T-5000 sees some use dealing with armored dodgers at night, this thing doesn't have nearly enough stats to make it work. If the target isn't dodging, she does about as well as G43. Except G43 is basically free because she's a 2 star and is more likely to end up with a mod down the line than this thing.

Heckler & Koch HK23

Heckler & Koch HK23
Machine Gun ★★★ She shares a skill with MG4, what do you think?

Yet another poor doll whose only notable trait is "lewd art." So forgotten that the most common reason she comes up is "mistaken for HK21."

Pretty much useless aside from her tilebuff, except even that is questionable since other MGs can fill that role. There's simply not much to say about her besides that not even most HK fanboys care about her very much.


Handgun ★★★ Budget FP buff if you ran out somehow

Not much to say. If you somehow dont have enough FP buffing handguns (unlikely unless you're noduping handguns and deploying lots of units in ranking) then she's a budget pick. Not bad for a 3 star HG but she won't see use very often simply because you're likely to have better ones lying around.


Submachine Gun ★★★ Most notable trait is weird art stuff

A doll most famous for "we forgot to actually add an animation on her chibi for throwing her flashbang." The damage buff is surprisingly high for a free 3 star doll, but really using her means you're probably scraping the bottom of the barrel. She had some use in the early days when there was a severe lack of SMGs, but she was released on EN into an age where units like C-MS, P90, etc. exist, and in the middle of an event where C-MS was basically given for free.

Oh and I guess her damaged art is pretty lewd if you're into that.

Winchester M1897 Trench Model

Winchester M1897 Trench Model
Shotgun ★★★ Serviceable, but nowhere as good as her Rep says she is

I want to say good things about this doll. I really do. It's an iconic shotgun with a hella rep and even got accused of being a warcrime. The rep is exaggerated, but not entirely undeserved.

Her design is... blah. Trench Broom apparently = shitty maid.

But are her stats ok? ...Eh, they're alright. Like the real thing they're serviceable. The tiles are passable (not great, but its 50% acc on a shotgun which helps some MGs) and she has passable HP. Her armour is a little low due to her 3 star nature, at 21.

Not the worst thing ever, but far far from your first choice. Mae would probably not take her into battle.

H&K Fabarm FP6

H&K Fabarm FP6
Shotgun ★★★★★ Solid Base stats with weird skill

A shotgun from the makers of the SAT8! ...Except it's sold and marketed by HK because various reasons. It's... actually kinda so vanilla there's not many memes and I don't think any of them are really any good besides her silly Christmas outfit.

Excellent tilebuffs for running a 2SG frontline, while packing 24 armour (tied with KSG for highest base) while packing 1.3k HP at 5 links. This makes her useful regardless of everything else.

Her skill is a little questionable, but it stacks with itself multiplicatively (after armour) if 1 unit gets both (guaranteed if there's only 1 unit in the frontmost rank) and the knockback is, while not amazing, also not unwelcome. It's also on a 10second ICD so it'll rarely ever come up anyway, and her stats are solid for a frontrow tank in most typical fights with MGs.

Not as good as something like SAT8 in most situations, but not exactly something to turn away.


Shotgun ★★★★★ Solid General use 5 star Shotgun

Basically the world's most widely available magazine-fed self-loading Shotgun that actually works. Packing 23 base armour (2nd highest on an SG), a 3-tile FP buff, and a generous HP pool (1320 at 5 links), 5 shot mag (very high baseline for SGs), her base stats alone make her a pretty solid SG doll to take along.

That's good, since her skill is actually a little awkward.

First off, the 8s ICD actually puts it in the middle of a reload animation, so she doesn't actually fire it off at 8s unless you manually handle movement so she can fire at that point or you adjust her RoF (usually by giving her a scope with badly calibrated -RoF). Next, it's actually a skillshot, so it doesn't benefit from things like crits. On the otherhand it also means it can hit scouts at night, so hah. It's basically pretty goofily coded. However a side effect of the goofy code is once the skill is triggered, she can actually continue to fire it while moving so lol? Also it actually does a pretty chunky amount of damage if it does work.

Anyway it doesn't super matter, since most MG fights are over before the skill will matter anyway, so her really good base stats will carry the day.

AAC Honey Badger

AAC Honey Badger
Submachine Gun ★★★★ Decent Enough

Yet another very small rifle that got classed as an SMG. Basically a 4 star SCW, but with much better tiles and less blah %s on the skill. Stats are ok, but not exceptional. Like SCW, trades some firepower for more +eva on the skill. Whether this is worth it... ehhh YMMV. Personally not, but maybe it'll help for some of you?The big thing is really the nice tiles with some extra shootiness. Not the most impressive offtank but there are worse ones and she'll get the job done for most basic applications.

She's sufficiently straight offtank that there isn't much to say

MP-443 Grach

MP-443 Grach
Handgun ★★★ Decent enough

Basically Glock 17 but with different tile buffs (and personally less goofy). Often compared to Nz75, but reduces damage outright instead of RoF so I personally find it better. Tiles are ok, and more importantly, unlike Nagant, she works the same day or night

She's not actually bad, but you won't usually need the exact combination of what she offers. She's there if you need her though.

Also she appears to have gacha currency on hand.


Assault Rifle ★★★★ Decent Enough. Becomes Handy in the distant future

A doll that was forgotten for so long I couldn't find a cleaned up version of her image outside of moegirl.

Her skill does different things depending on whether its a day or night battle. Crit and Damage during the day, Hit and RoF at night.

She's not actually bad, just that she's not exactly overwhelming good, so she just... kinda exists?

And then Shattered Connexion happened and she was helpful against a certain enemy type, but that's far in the future. For now, eh... raise or don't raise, whatever, you'll be fine either way.


Machine Gun ★★★★★ Yet another Armor Buffer

She used to be useful because she had more true RoF than other MGs (9 frames vs 10) and was 1 of the faster reload cancels (with BAR). That was then.

Now type-88 MG and a certain titty hacker exist and her quirks dont apply anymore, and guess which EN got first.

Her skill is interesting but not exceptionally helpful. Also it actually slows down her movespeed, making anything involving walking take longer.

Basically, obsolescent before she was even released, just like the real gun. You can raise her if you want, though the big reason to raise her was she was an advantage doll in theatre mode 3 times in a row rather than combat effectiveness.

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