Glasses optional
Name Class Rarity Useful? Notes

FN Ballista

FN Ballista
Rifle ★★★★★ Janky as fuck but potentially has some use

This a doll that's basically all or nothing. Her skill is a weird stacking system that isn't actually as it appears. She puts marks on the enemies, and then doubleshots those marked enemies. Seems easy enough right? Except oh boy that's not actually how it works. The marks are for targeting only - the number of times she doubleshots is stored on the doll, not the enemy, so the number of times she gets to throw out active markers is how many times she gets to doubletap, even if the markers disappear or the marked target is killed by something else.

The problem is of course the times are impractical and almost pointless unless her skill is lvl10. Another problem is while it has some potential uses, other top of the line rifles can match or exceed her general performance.

Heckler and Koch MP7

Heckler and Koch MP7
Submachine Gun ★★★★★ Very Good High-uptime Dodge Tank

She calls you a zookeeper.

Basically packs a better version of Suomi's self-buff. Higher multpliers, lets her run faster on top, same good uptime, better base evade. HP is lower, but still really high at 198 per dummy (990 at 5 links at 100 - a pretty hefty amount still). Skill kills offensive stats but you dont care.

If you need a doll to dodge a lot for a long time, she's easily in the running for the job. (Competing with her nemesis, the P90.)

Triple Action Thunder

Triple Action Thunder
Handgun ★★★★ Tragic, just like her life up to now

More famous for suicide memes and her ship with Calico than actually being used. I really want to like her, but she has a few glaring flaws that drag her down more than all her emotional baggage already does.

Her skill, while packing way more multiplier than any other skillshot (12x!) AND also boasting an impressive 46 Firepower on a handgun, suffers from being able to miss (uses standard acc formula). Now, 57 hit is enough for most applications most of the time and she can equip PEQs at night to deal with that, and she reloads extra fast if she misses, but it's simply not as good as many other skillshots that have ZERO chance to miss to begin with. It does at least, come online very fast at 4 seconds.

Next, while the tilebuff itself is impressive, the shape is... not suited for most applications, pretty much forcing her to be in the 5 position to get much real use out of it unless you're buffing something at 4. Having her in that position wouldn't be so bad if she didn't ALSO have the worst Eva stat of any HG, so know what you're getting into.

She isn't the worst HG in the game, but there's so many better choices for most roles that you would put her in that most simply don't have a real reason to resort to using her.

Type-56 Carbine (SKS)

Type-56 Carbine (SKS)
Rifle ★★★ Currently garbage, way better in future

The Chinese copy of the SKS. Generic 3 star FP rifle that has nothing notable about her besides her somewhat lewd damaged art, and even that's not really much compared to some of the others. She's as boring as she looks, basically.

In a vacuum, she isn't the worst rifle in the game (that "honour" currently belongs to PzB and JS05). But she has less RoF than M14, less Firepower than M14, is harder to acquire than M14, and doesn't have a mod like M14.

...So really, the fact M14 exists basically completely invalidates her existence. MURRICA.

Well, that is for now. Once her mod comes out, there will be reckoning

Kalashnikov AK-12

Kalashnikov AK-12
Assault Rifle ★★★★★ Excellent if you can find space

AN94's counterpart, she sits in the 1 position and has in theory, similar DPS. In practice, she's actually slightly worse off due to lacking a passive, but in longer fights this isn't an issue and her excellent uptime lets her outperform most other selfbuffing ARs.

Her skill doesnt seem great, but the sheer number of things it buffs is actually fairly significant and far more powerful than you might think. She can cap RoF with minor buffs, and she can get close to critcap even without external buffs. The rest is just yet more gravy. Hell, you can buff her enough she can take down hydras (not recommended, but its possible) and there's not too many ARs who are meant to take the 1 position. The main reason she's used less often is because AR-15Mod exists and generally takes her spot since AN94 takes the other one (making her yet ANOTHER Kalashnikov product cockblocked by the MIGHT OF EUGENE STONER.)


Assault Rifle ★★★★★ The Power of Russian Space Magic Is Real

There are not enough ways to say "use her if you have her." I want to make a joke, but its hard to overeemphasize just how good she is. Besides her immensely good uptime (5/8 type), it's raised even HIGHER by her passive, which triggers it everytime she switches targets. In most cases, she will pretty much outperform G11 handily.

Basically the best of the best among daylight ARs, and powerful even at night vs up to light armour. She wants the #7 position on your formation, and there's little reason not to give it. Also she has enough of an Acc Buff that everyone who used to do stupid shit to prop up SR3 can be quiet now, it's all the buff you need to run her.

M4A1 Mod

M4A1 Mod

After literally years, M4 demonstrates WHY SHE IS THE HEROINE and becomes METAL GEAR.

She keeps all her old benefits but has 5 star multipliers and better stats now. This gets even better when Mod3 when she gets a unique that ups her firepower and ALSO gives her armour, so she can kinda tank in a pinch. Her buff tiles are ALSO slightly improved. Her mod 2 skill also tags enemies and enhances the mod skills of other Anti-Rain units.

The big thing however is the desperation mode. At mod2 onward, when 3 or fewer allied dolls are in battle (you can retreat 2 units to force this, or simply deploy her with a partial strength echelon), she pulls out the portable cannon and proceeds to deal hilarious damage that makes grenadiers wet their pants, as huge AoE blasts firing from every dummy. The blasts are kinda 100% accurate (the main hit can never miss, even at night, but the splash damage can. Its weird), and can partly crit (its complicated), and is meant to be a last ditch thing to save a fight under dire circumstances (of course, we instead abuse it). This is however, a doubled edged sword, as her RoF also goes down, so its possible for some enemies to slip by if you havent taken this into account.

Basically, Mod her first. She's pretty much priority #1 for modding.

Spikes Tactical AR-15 Mod

Spikes Tactical AR-15 Mod
Assault Rifle ★★★★★ If you don't use her, you are wrong

The pinkhaired tryhard who is absolutely every bit as good as she says she is. 1 of the best sustained DPS ARs in the game, and can actually hit the RoF cap on her own. She can actually outDPS OTs-14 and 9A91 at night against up to moderately armoured opponents (moderate. Dont try to send her vs Hydras)

As a bonus, her mod skill ups her DPS some more by making her pull out ANOTHER gun and throwing extra attacks that do a % of her main damage, with more damage if paired with M4Mod.

Her mod skill however, does look absolutely retarded unless you're in her mod 3 form. Normally she's supposed to pull out another gun, but since her school skin and base sprite dont have that animation, she instead fires from her scope.

T65 Assault Rifle

T65 Assault Rifle
Assault Rifle ★★★ Budget Option

Okay so maybe China doesn't ABSOLUTELY hate Taiwan? Or else this gun wouldn't have stats literally on par with (or in many cases better than) actual 5 star ARs. She actually outdamages T91 during the day flat out. At night she's a super budget option that won't match 9A91 or any of the better ones, but at least she's cheap. She does however suffer from being a login doll, but she becomes permanently farmable later. Tile buffs are surprisingly alright for a free login doll.

Really a budget option, but at least one that isn't awful.


Iron Brigade Armory XM3 Rifle

Iron Brigade Armory XM3 Rifle
Rifle ★★★★ If you're STILL short of night rifles by the time you get her somehow I guess?

Let's be fair, you take 1 look at her design and you saw that gag coming.

Stats aside, she's basically an improved G43 statwise. Unfortunately unlike G43 she isnt available at the start, since you need to be at chapter 10 to ever get her, by which time you SHOULD have some leveled rifles (or else you would have suffered even getting into a position to farm her to begin with), She is also much more expensive.

Good at night (hampered primarily by her slow ICD, which can be a problem depending on enemies), but is weaker during the day. Due to a mix of being late to the party and not being a very good at general purpose use, YMMV. Saw some ranking use due to her really high acc at 1 point, but not exactly as famous for it as some other RFs were. You will however get so many of her during 10-4E farm that she's often seen as free cores for a reason.

United States Pistol, Caliber .45, M1911 MOD

United States Pistol, Caliber .45, M1911 MOD
Handgun ★★★★ Early Trash Cleaner

Modded version of M1911

A really expensive trash cleaner.

Basically when she pops smoke, she then goes Alvin York and blasts away 7 times for extra damage, hitting the farthest enemy and working her way closer to the front with every shot. If there are no closer enemies, she just keeps shooting that one until someone else has gotten closer (either because its dead and thus a new thing is closer, or something ran ahead of it).

Note that while the skill has an ICD of 1 second, she doesn't actually start blasting away until 3 seconds in due to the throw animation.

Heckler & Koch G36 Mod

Heckler & Koch G36 Mod
Assault Rifle ★★★★★ Good

Modded version of G36

Distraught by the loss of her braid, she gets over it and discovers the TRUE maid was inside her all along. Or something like that.

Her stats are boosted a fair bit and the %s on her skill get a boost to 5 star levels. At mod 2, she gets a rider on her skill that boosts the Evade of stuff in her tiles, and also boosts her own RoF by 10% for every unit standing in her tiles (Max 2, yes it stacks multiplicatively). Yes, tile fuckery applies.

She does have the problem though that to fully make use of this skill, she needs units standing in the tiles, which weakens her flexibility a bit. Totally still fine for going gung ho and just blazing away in a static formation or if you can keep the formation such that stuff remains standing in the tiles though. Her performance is generally a bee's dick below that of AN94 (and makes a good match for AK12) in general use, but beats the Russians vs armored enemies.

Like any good HK product though, she's pretty expensive, so make sure you're sure about the investment and you have nothing else more important to work on (like AR team). Still, if you like the maid, definitely a thing to look at.

Technically has a combo thingy with Springfield, but it falls under "I guess it exists?" Yeah, I dunno what they were thinking.

United States Rifle, Caliber 7.62 mm, M14 MOD

United States Rifle, Caliber 7.62 mm, M14 MOD
Rifle ★★★★ Khorne Approved

Modded version of M14

What's there to say? Blood for the blood god, etc.

She gets bigger %s on her self buff and on Mod2 she buffs her own crit damage. You really want, if possible, to get that Oath ring on her for the extra stats at Mod3. While the new skill %s seem low, combined they pretty much exceed Lee Enfield's self-boost and part of it is a passive. It retains all her old advantages, but just embiggens the numbers a bit. Basically, she can provide IWS-level DPS (overall, not per shot) while maintaining her high (for an FP rifle) RoF, making her very efficient. Generally rated "probably 1 of the best mods to work on after you're done modding AR team" by older servers.

Sig Sauer P226

Sig Sauer P226
Handgun ★★★ Basically a Worse Spitfire

The doll is basically Spitfire with slightly different buff tile layout/focus (less FP, more Acc). Frankly, she's really boring statwise and enemy RoF reduction is usually worse than FP reduction (which is good for armor/shield tanking) or acc reduction (Which is good for Eva tanking) and the Spitfire entry has the rest of my thoughts on that.

She thinks of herself as an elite doll, due to the P226's previous adoption by the US Navy SEALs (hence the Seal she has with her) and has a bit of a rivalry with M9, claiming she should absolutely be the more popular one. More info on the notes.

FN Herstal P90

FN Herstal P90
Submachine Gun ★★★★★ Strong Main Tank

Everyone knows the joke by now. If not, you've been living in a hole for the past 20 years. Now more associated with Russia (who people the gun was specifically meant to shoot at, as it was part of a PDW project that worried about armoured Russian soldiers) than with Belgium (which many people dont seem to realize is a country). Mostly noted on older servers for an utterly ABYSMAL rate which led to drama that resulted in Mica integrating official recipes into the client + promising more common true core masks. Also, surprised people by being drawn by LM7 instead of Suisai, despite being an FN product.

For performance, she's a fairly powerful dodger with a bonus offensive function, and her tiles aren't bad. In terms of sheer survival potential, she's 1 of the best, although occasionally stuff acts weird due to her shadow clones (which btw, interact WEIRDLY with the game). Of note, the shadow clones only copy the number of active remaining links, so you do want to keep as many links intact as possible for that (or not, see detailed notes). Overall, a very strong main tank candidate that is really good at her survival job.

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