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Name Class Rarity Useful? Notes

Al-Qadissiya Tabuk

Al-Qadissiya Tabuk
Rifle ★★★★ Probably not

A Zastava AKM turned into a sniper rifle because Saddam is a genius… or… something.

+55% damage against regular enemies is 2* tier, close proximity brings it up to 70.5%, which is okay-ish and 4½* tier, but also means you have enemies closer than you probably want to have. Her stats are also only average for a 4*.

Might be useful if you literally don't have anything better and need to pad echelons, but might as well raise an M14 dupe instead.

Her skill also changes targeting, which can be useful sometimes… but we'll eventually be getting a much better rifle for that purpose with the Liu.

Pistolet-Mitrailleur de 9 mm modèle 1949 (MAT-49)

Pistolet-Mitrailleur de 9 mm modèle 1949 (MAT-49)
Submachine Gun ★★★★ She Does It For Free

4* version of JS 9 with slightly different stat spread (worse eva, basically) and awkward tiles. Can be used similarly to her, if you don't mind kiting her more to make up for the goofy positioning.

Her biggest advantage is that you will be farming 12-4E enough to get sufficient copies of her to x5 link her for free, but by the time you can reach 12-4E you should have better SMGs.

So overall… meh. Does the job, but so will others.


Assault Rifle ★★★ Not really

3* Ribey.

The problem is Ribey herself is only borderline viable to begin with; she has some of the lowest DPS of any AR herself and almost completely relies on her buffs to make up for it, which usually works out to a net positive, but not always.

Vepr has both weaker stats and weaker buffs (both skill and tiles), and you won't get dupes of her. Really no point in bothering with her, the free SAA you get from career quests or any 4+ star AR will give better results.

High Standard Model 10 (HS10/HSM10)

High Standard Model 10 (HS10/HSM10)
Shotgun ★★★ It's a shotgun

3* Super Shorty. Better tiles and more HP, one more point of base armour but less evasion and lower skill multiplier kinda comes out to about equal tanking capability. Which isn't all that great, but at least she's free.

Agent 416

Agent 416
Assault Rifle Special KindamaybesortaIguess (Niche Use)

Proof that the universe contractually requires 416 to be a bitch, given trying to fix her shitty personality is what caused the problem in the first place. More hilarious is she's not even an HK416, but the Patriot Arms clone.

Instead of being a grenadier, she's basically a mine layer, planting mines that seem grenade-like, but the big thing is that THEY DO NOT IGNORE ARMOR. They do still do full damage to all units caught in the blast though.

She is however, pretty fast, taking only four seconds to use her skill for the first time, and having all three of her special gear means you start the battle with some mines in place already. This is potentially useful for something.

Agent Vector

Agent Vector
Submachine Gun Special Must have all her special gear or she's basically useless

She's not the worst tank, but she's expensive to raise, and she needs her ability active to really tank. Unfortunately her base ability is meh, meaning she needs all three of her special gear equipped to be actually any fucking good. With her gear, she's acceptable, with alright uptime, but her barriers are inevitably going to fail and while the evasion boost is nice, the game has other tanks that are just as good. Still, if you must use her for some reason, there are worse tanks... provided you have the gear for her, anyway.

So make sure you have her gear equipped and leveled, or don't even bother.


Rifle ★★★★★ As good as a specialist as she was awful pre-mod (So, actually pretty good!)

Thanks Mica, for actually buffing someone with cool art for once.

In her pre-mod state, she's dire, not really worth using, and honestly a waste of really REALLY nice art (including porn by her original artist). With her mod, she has ridiculously high stats and a powerful skill at Mod 2. The big issue is she needs setup, and can't really be used on her own, but that's pretty much every funny specialist rifle anyway, so it's not really a downside.

What makes her stupidly good is that you get more damage if you have more debuffs from other sources, so go nuts.

She'll come in handy for Dual Randomness.

Her previous form is found here.

General Dynamics LWMMG Mod

General Dynamics LWMMG Mod
Machine Gun ★★★★ She's a better LWMMG, but now with more utility.

She actually gets some fairly hefty stat increases in her mod, with Mod 2 hitting as much FP as M2HB. The issues that 2 stars normally face (low skill values compared to higher ones, etc.) are pretty solved thanks to being upgraded to a 4 star, and it also gives her extra base ammo which helps out a lot. Overall a cheap mod to get, and honestly you get a fair bit of value off even just Mod 1.

She's pretty much an all-rounder MG, and with the Mod 2 skill, technically you're not limited to just SGs, but uh... the shield values are so low otherwise that it only really helps armored things, though I guess some people might find a use for that anyway. MATH BIT: Her Special Equip actually isn't awful, but tbh you're better off with an EOTech in most cases.

Her original form can be found here.

Izhmash SV-98 Mod

Izhmash SV-98 Mod
Rifle ★★★★ Outdated Except for CE Padding

She could have been useful if we got her a lot earlier. Her skill is reliant on her standing still, so if you move her past the first two seconds, her second skill will effectively give the first one a three second cooldown if you manual it, unless it's enough to kill on its own without the buff. Her Mod 3 equip is just a cape with some extra damage on it, but she shouldn't be moving a lot anyway given her skill, so it's worth it if you do choose to mod her for whatever reason.

Also, she is the true cinnamon roll and if you don't mod her Yuzhong will fly in your kitchen and mess up your pots and pans.

Her original version can be found here.


Shotgun ★★★★ Managed to forget the most important part of being a shotgun

21 Armour and her HP isnt high enough to make up for it at a mere 231 per dummy link (compare 275 for SPAS-12!). Her skill doesn't help her tank, and while her skill kinda helps a little for mass knockback, her ammo count is awful, so you can't rely on it.

She's better than nothing, but you already get SPAS-12 for free.


Shotgun ★★★★★ Gimmicky; base stats are cool.

G&K's equal opportunity things means even penguins are accepted, I guess. She has a finnicky, slow, and generally not reliable shield. On the other hand, her gimmick relies on having shields.

She relies quite heavily on outside shields if you want to use her gimmick, so stuff like SAT8 and LWMMG mod will come in handy if you want to do so.

However, while she has good armour, her HP is the worst of the 5 star shotguns, and she doesn't have particularly good tanking gimmicks. She's usable, but probably wont be your first choice unless you want to use her gimmick that badly for whatever fucking reason


Shotgun ★★★★★ Pretty good defensive/utility shotgun

Even if she sucked, most of you degens would go after her anyway. Thankfully, she's actually pretty good.

Not quite in the same vein as SAT8, as she only shields herself, but the damage reduction effect allows her and allies to tank a bit harder against shots that exceed her armour value, and yes, that applies to shots that ignore armour outright. So basically if she's on the forward center, then positions 4, 5, and 6 benefit from the DR, and so on.

Because of her passive and the 3 second ICD on her skill, she actually has really good uptime overall (similar to but slightly worse than SAT8), and yes, she can be made to pop her shield more often via shooting faster and going into reload faster (though this can produce an odd gap in uptime past the 13s mark).


Shotgun ★★★ It's a free shotgun I guess?

....Serviceable if you have a complete lack of shotguns. Seriously, just pick up a SAT8 next time an event rolls around.


Assault Rifle ★★★ Cores!

She's every bit as good as the real thing. By which I mean India went back to using AKs shortly after.

Heckler & Koch MP5 Mod

Heckler & Koch MP5 Mod
Submachine Gun ★★★★★ The Milk Tin's power grows

With the advent of her mod, she goes from being Thompson's kouhai to the strongest force shielder available. Through the power of milk, when she lowers her force shield, she gains a decent evasion buff to turn her into a mixed force shield and evasion tank. While the buff requires there to be multiple enemy packs, any amount of evasion to go along with the force shield is welcomed. Oh, did I mention she also buffs rifles with her tiles now? That's a thing. The buffs she does provide aren't particularly useful for rifles, but it may come in handy.

She DOES require her unique equipment from the night map to function effectively, for the milk tin is all powerful. The mod equipment, however, is pretty garbage.

Her previous iteration can be found here

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