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Name Class Rarity Useful? Notes

Karabiner Model 31 (K31)

Karabiner Model 31 (K31)
Rifle ★★★★ Usable

A swiss straight pull bolt action that SOMEHOW apparently fires faster than Semiautomatic rifles (She literally shoots faster than WA2000). That joke about the swiss replying to the Germans that if half a million of them invaded, the quarter million strong militia would shoot twice and go home? Someone sure took it to heart.

The downside of course is she debuffs her own accuracy when she does. This is not a problem during the day, and usually isn't a problem vs armored enemies, but it does become problematic when enemies at night start having dodge scores even while armoured, making her less good at those sorts of targets. In broad daylight though, go nuts.

Also a lot of artists seem to give her yandere qualities for whatever reason. Probably the knife.

Karabinek wz. 1929

Karabinek wz. 1929
Rifle ★★★ Trophy Waifu

Aka wz.29.

Supposed to be an RoF version of M14, but her low stats really hamper this. M14 at least solves her low FP issue with buffing it, but this doesn't work as well. Arguably less useful than G43.

Beretta Px4 Storm

Beretta Px4 Storm
Handgun ★★★★★ Ridiculously Strong Buffer

A ridiculously overpowered handgun in the right hands. If you know what you're doing, she is absolutely bonkers. Led to a meme on older servers where "the practical number of RF teams you could field was equal to your sets of Px4 and Five-seveN."

Strictly speaking it isn't true, but it gives you an idea of how valued she is. What she does with her active skill (at lvl10) is reduce crit rate by 20%, but increase your crit damage multiplier by 50% for all dolls in her tiles. Considering that crit damage STARTS at 150%, and that its tile based, which means you can engage in tile fuckery (which makes these effects stack MULTIPLICATIVELY), and there you go. For RFs, with a +10 Gold Scope and 5-7, they maintain 100% crit rate through all this. For ARs, you need to worry about the math a bit more, but it is generally an overall increase unless your critscopes suck.

Works with TAC-50, which is part of why she was so hideously overpowered.

NORINCO QJY-88 (Type-88 Machine Gun)

NORINCO QJY-88 (Type-88 Machine Gun)
Machine Gun ★★★★★ Usable

Because we need more things named Type-88 clearly.

Has both active and passive bits to their skill. Her active mode is basically an FP up - you've seen this before. Her passive mode is based on moving around. By default, she's in LMG mode and fires from the shoulder, and has increased movespeed. Her accuracy however, suffers a debuff while in LMG mode (although thankfully her acc stat isn't awful). Once she sits still for 6 seconds though, she sets up her bipod and goes into HMG mode, which gives her an acc BUFF and extends her belt by 2 shots. She switches back to LMG mode if made to move.

Equivalent to Alma. Alma will win early volleys (first 2 mags) but Type-88 will deal more for extended (3+ belts) fights.

ST Kinetics SAR-21

ST Kinetics SAR-21
Assault Rifle ★★★★ If want can

Wife of everyone from National Service according to your encik. Terras make her cute, but how come like Airline waitress instead of battle standard leh? Wish they make her look more garang.

Someone at Mica damn siao and give her same skill as Aug. Slowest rof service rifle become machinegun wat. She think she ultimax lor. Osso make her manmode, debuff self acc and target become random every shot. At lvl10 no more acc debuff but still say she have (because coding is liddat), but is ok since it actually 0. (still look damn stupid sia). Like AUG but with 4 star stat, and tile buff for smg only (though is not bad). If Aug already have, is not as important unless want more of her skill leh.

Look at detailed entry on AUG for more info.

Desert Tech Stealth Recon Scout (SRS)

Desert Tech Stealth Recon Scout (SRS)
Rifle ★★★★★ Usable

Another piece of Jarv bait. Kind of. Also a vegetarian who dislikes the smell of meat... which of course other servers produced fanart of that has... interesting explanations that involve "does not love the spell of napalm in the morning.".

Statwise, the FP-buffing counterpart to T-5000; stats wise she's mostly between G28 and Lee-Enfield, and so a reasonable alternative for either if you need another another FP selfbuffer for some reason. Like T-5000, she had fairly meh ratings on other servers since while you basically had other options and she kinda isn't as good as Lee Enfield during AND is more expensive an option than G28. Her schtick is done way better by M200 and newer rifles can just straight out muscle her even in her niche.

Alma Armas

Alma Armas
Machine Gun Special Usable

And everyone's favourite "Security Consultant" apparently learned from the Barrack Obama school of physical security. "When in doubt, send drones to fuck it up."

As far as MGs go, it works alright. Needs her special equipment, but she has decent stats and ok buffs, especially when you consider how high her stats actually are (95 firepower with her gear, before any other modifiers) compared to other MGs (the highest base is only 102). She also has 31 base hit, which means like PKP she can use mostly critscopes during the day and potentially gives her surprisingly competitive (actual winner depends on fairies, support, and enemy targets) DPS compared to even M2HB or PK during day battles.

Surprisingly, she's still decent, but her weird niche bullshit pales in comparison to the weird niche bullshit of current day MGs.

Gepard M1

Gepard M1
Rifle ★★★ Wall decoration

A self-depreciating doll that has severe confidence issues, which is suitable enough because IRL, it was so shit it was canned in favour of the less craptastic M2 revision.

Ingame, it's no better. With big bamboos you go big or you go home, and with the M1, you go home. Too weak stats, too weak multiplier, you're better off bringing Springfield and Mosin to resolve the battle in half as much time. If you're really in the market for a bamboo at all, which isn't terribly often.

That said she is 1 of very few login dolls to get really nice skins and so far all of her skins have actual stories attached.

Stella Hoshii

Stella Hoshii
Rifle Special Trash Cleaner

She has very weird mechanics. I want to say something witty but that's really how it works. The most immediately noticeable thing is that her damage is actually cut in half and she fires twice. This seems odd but no, its not just a visual thing either, and both shots actually can end up on different targets. The first shot uses normal RF targeting, while the other has real time targeting to always shoot the farthest target. Vs heavily armoured (enough that AP rounds wont go all the way through) or high HP enemies, this can be bad. Or it can be excellent at trash clear.

Also note that because she shoots twice, it only takes half as many firing cycles as it says on the skill to get stacks, as she gets 2 stacks per cycle (1 per shot). It also has interactions with Sei and Jill that are in the detailed page.

Dana Zane

Dana Zane
Shotgun Special Usable

It's the best boss! AND she has a rocket punch!

...She's actually really fuckin' weird for a shotgun. She has 22 armour which makes her decent at shotgun things, but the rest of her kit is pretty nonstandard. First she has a permanent slug effect of being single target but doing bonus damage. You'd think this would make her do less than slugs, but apparently between her raw firepower stats, buckshot increasing her firepower some more, and her unique gear ALSO increasing her firepower, she ends up with more damage than a typical shotgun with slugs.

She does have a knockback skill but it's slow at 8s, and at having 1 ammo limit, it means her RoF is more limited. So if you want a purely tanky shotgun, she's worse at it than a typical one. She does however produce surprising damage from her rocket punches, and she has very good tile buffs for a shotgun.

Dorothy Haze

Dorothy Haze
Submachine Gun Special Versatile, especially in bed

Yes I know that's not really her name. And yes, you'd think the unit whose hands are actual guns would be a handgun, but nope, she's an SMG. MICAAAAAAAA.

She has a pretty interesting skill that reminds some of C-MS. What it is is mildly more complicated, because it comes with good AND bad sides, and allows her to be both a main tank and an off tank. As an off tank, she provides decent firepower with 100% uptime, a debuff no one cares about (-acc) and a really nice buff (constant eva up!) for the main tank, while as a main tank she has permanent Eva up, buffs acc of the same column ("vertical row") but actually makes the off tanks (or just people in the same column) a little less survivable. Skill discussed in more detail in her entry, but its fun stuff.

A problem she has though is the shape of the tiles. That lacking middle row really gets in the way, but she has enough other uses that this isn't too awful if you know what you're doing (For example, you want to buff the everloving bajeezus out of your main tank's dodge instead).

Also she buffs Rifles with her tiles too too, but this doesn't seem to come up all that much.

Sei Asagiri

Sei Asagiri
Handgun Special Niche uses

Everyone's favourite White Knight! (Unless you like Tim better, you weirdo.) Same tiles as Grizzly (literally the same), but with a defensive skill instead of an offensive one. She only shields Shotgun, SMG and HG dolls so it isn't full coverage (unless you're an all HG team anyway), but the ability to shield something like KSG is nice. Her shield actually scales based on how damaged a unit she's shielding is, but the exact formula remains a mystery (less HP = more shield though).

Jill Stingray

Jill Stingray
Handgun Special Mixing Drinks, Changing Metas

It's time to mix drinks and change formations. As a bartender, one might wonder exactly WHAT Jill can possibly do on a battlefield, and I'm sure she's asking the same thing.

Jill has a lot of firsts. She's the first unit in the game a player can use that doesn't shoot at all. She's the first one to have 8 different unique gears, and she's the first one to have a skill whose effects vary based on equipment. She's also the first one to have such an annoyingly complicated skill. The skill is everything. Her tile buffs are great, but they HAVE to be, because she doesn't contribute damage on her own. What her FP stat does is make her skill CD go down faster (except initial. Also caps at 30%, but this is INDEPENDENT of the reduction from rifle tilebuffs so yes, THOSE stack. Multiplicatively.). Unfortunately this means while she's good, how good she is depends almost entirely on how much you can use her ability to mix drinks, which btw, she can't do properly until lvl80.

Drinks are discussed in more detail in the detail page, because this is gonna be a long one.

Beretta M12

Beretta M12
Submachine Gun ★★★ I guess if you have nothing better

Lower Evade and Higher HP (funnily, the same HP as Beretta 38) than Skorpion or Z62. Italian MGs seem to have a habit of that for some reason.

Has more firepower than Skorpion but less than Z62. Tiles are not the worst, but not great either. The most interesting bit about her is the hilarious controversy when her damage art first came out and was quickly pulled and retouched within about 3 minutes, rather than actual performance.

Would not recommend as a first choice, but if you're scraping the barrel for Molotov chuckers for some reason.


Handgun ★★★ Interesting. DPS Handgun. Fun at Night.

The first DPS handgun that actually produces well.. actual dps. Also might have possibly gotten lost from Kancolle.

Her skill gives her doubleshot and 100% crit rate while active, which is surprisingly strong on a handgun. Dont knock it.

Great as the damage dealer for 5HG teams, or a variety of misc. uses since she actually has alright tiles too. While she's not super impressive during the day (especially compared to good ARs), she shines at night due to being able to pack 100% crit rate while equipped with a PEQ.

Her main disadvantage is what a pain in the ass she is to get, since you need the first 5 volumes of the Comic in the Cafe. Her special costume requires the other 5. This is a heap of batteries.

She's pretty decent though, so it's not exactly a waste to do it.

She also has a mod, and the review for that can be found here.

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