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Singularity – Overview


Has its own guide. TL;DR: Two night capable ARSMG, one RFHG, one MGSG. Pretty standard here. The event also introduces new enemy types with are also covered by the guide… and would theoretically introduce new combat mechanics had the Va-11 Hall-A collab not preempted it. Prep guide also explains them if you somehow missed the collab.

Chapter 1#

This chapter is similar to Deep Dive chapter 1 in difficulty. The main difference is that the later maps in each route tend to require you to deploy two echelons to clear. 

To further elaborate on the Deep Dive comment, you're expected to field stuff around Lv 50~70 to entirely clear this chapter. With some of the last maps of each route requiring two echelons to be deployed. Your main tools will be AR/SMG echelons since there's nothing specialized here. 

This is essentially your introduction to the mechanics of Singularity as well as a good entry point for new players. Most of the enemies you'll encounter are Sangvis that you're already familiar with. However, there are a few maps with some Military units. You won't need anything special for them, thankfully. 

. . 16:00 16:40 16:46 16:55 (AN-94) 17:50 18:20 19:30 (M4) 18:30 19:00 19:10 19:30 17:42 (A) 18:20 (A) 19:30 (A) hidden

Map nodes should be clickable, for old browsers:
16:00 16:40 16:46 17:50 18:20 18:30 19:00 19:10 19:30 16:55(AN-94) 17:42 (A) 18:20 (A) 19:30 (A) 19:30 (M4) hidden

Chapter 2#

Chapter 2. The obligatory "everything is night" chapter. While this chapter starts out around the same difficulty level as the end of Chapter 1, it slowly ramps up in difficulty. Thankfully, it's not that big of a jump (that's reserved for Chapter 3). Early on you can progress decently with Lv ~70 4x link echelons, but to clear you'll want to be seeing multiple Lv 90 5x link echelons. 

Speaking of which, the majority of the maps in Chapter 2 only require you to deploy two combat echelons. Generally 2 AR/SMG echelons will do as well. There's one exception in this map, where you'll want to deploy three combat echelons. You'll also see some decent use of RFs here if you so wish, but it's not mandatory, same with MGs. However, be aware that most of the maps have mixed or mostly unarmoured enemies, making it not the most ideal choice for most maps. 

tl;dr: 3x Lv 90+ 5 link AR/SMG echelons and you win. It's at night, so please remember to bring a HG and some PEQs.  


Map note: 00:05 (Defy) and 22:10 are different maps that share the same visual node on the ingame map. For clarity's sake the two have been split on our map.

. . 20:00 20:10 (404) 21:50 (404) 00:30 (404) 22:10 00:00 00:30 01:50 03:15 (404) 21:20 (Persica) 22:50 (Persica) 00:25 (Persica) 22:30 (Defy) 00:30 (Persica) 00:05 (Defy) 02:14 (Defy) 03:15 (Defy) hidden

Map nodes should be clickable, for old browsers:
20:00 20:10 (404) 21:50 (404) 00:30 (404) 22:10 00:00 00:30 01:50 03:15 (404) 21:20 (Persica) 22:50 (Persica) 00:25 (Persica) 00:30 (Persica) 22:30 (Defy) 00:05 (Defy) 02:14 (Defy) 03:15 (Defy) hidden

Chapter 3#

This is EN's second taste of some of the difficulty in later events for GFL. Pioneer EX was fun, but now we got Military instead of Paradeus. Thankfully it's still not too bad, but it's a little bit of habanero spice to some unprepared (or newer) players. 

You'll want full Lv 90+ 5 linked echelons for this. Highly recommended to have a RF/HG echelon and a MG/SG echelon ready for this as well. RFs are mostly for the Hydras, and as such, you'll want to be bringing +FP RFs like Lee Enfield (or SRS) to best deal with them. MGs are for most of the other bits of the Military, but most notably the Typhons.

Lastly, for bosses in this chapter, you'll probably want either Suomi or MP7 (which drops in Singularity). The fights last a good while if you're not cheesing them with MASSIVE firepower, so they'll get pretty good value out of their skills. You also probably want to use AR/SMG for each of those fights. If that wasn't already obvious.

tl;dr: 2x AR/SMG, 1 RF/HG, 1 MG/SG (please get a Contender)

. . 06:00 08:00 09:00 12:30 13:00 13:20 hidden

Map nodes should be clickable, for old browsers:
06:00 08:00 09:00 12:30 13:00 13:20 hidden

Hidden Achievements#

Singularity has a quite a few of them, so they get their own page.


Will (probably) be added once it's up. Preparations are handled by the prep guide.

Author: Chiaki Matsuda
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